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Different Types of Socks You Should Know

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Socks are the most overlooked items in our wardrobe. We don’t put much thought while buying a pair of socks. Interestingly, a good pair of outfit appropriate socks can uplift your appearance. Socks come in a variety of different materials, lengths, and styles. They protect our feet from shoe bites, dust, fungi, frostbites, and keep our feet in good shape. Here are major types of socks that you should consider while purchasing them on your next shopping trip.

    1. Socks That Go With Loafers
      If you don’t want your socks to be visible when wearing loafers or ballerinas, then these slip-on socks are for you. They are made of a thin layer and reach just below the edge of your shoes. These socks are also known as no show socks.
    2. Ankle Length Socks
      As the name suggests, these socks reach up to your ankles. They are commonly known as low-cut/low rise socks. These socks can be worn with Oxfords and sometimes sneakers. The length of such socks is slightly more than no show socks, and their hemline hits the middle of the anklebone.
    3. Quarter Length Socks
      Unlike ankle-length socks, quarter-length socks cover your ankle completely and reach just below your calf. These socks are worn with business suits and while attending formal events. They give your feet good coverage and prevent blisters and shoe bites.
    4. Crew Length Socks
      Crew socks have a height that falls between the range of 6 to 8 inches. They are thick and ribbed at cuff and can be worn every day. These socks are used to keep your feet warm and free from dust. You can also wear them with dress shoes like Oxford, brogue, derbies for formal or smart casual occasions. They can also be utilized for outdoor activities like hiking and sports.
    5. Mid-calf Length Socks
      These socks reach a few inches below the knee and are intended to keep your feet warm. They can be styled with loafers, sneakers, boots, dress shoes, etc. Mid-calf socks are were designed for people involved in physical work during winters and mostly came in woolen material. But today these socks are available in various patterns and fabrics for both men and women. These socks are also known as trouser socks or tall socks.
    6. Calf Length Socks
      Calf length socks completely cover your calf but hit just below the knee. Sports enthusiast usually wears them for the protection from any harm. Women too wear these socks during winters with fur or winter boots.
    7. Knee Length Socks
      Women mostly wear knee-length socks. They have been part of the uniform of the British Army. They provide extra warmth and cushioning effect during the harsh winters and can be worn with boots for outdoor activities.
    8. Thigh High Socks
      As the name suggests, these socks go above the knees and reach the thighs. Just like knee-length socks these are mostly worn by women and look great with skirts and dresses. This trend emerged from Scottland, where both men and women wore them with knee-length skirts.
    9. Football Socks
      Football socks are mostly worn to protect legs during intense sports. Furthermore, they also prevent swelling of feet due to exertion and stress as they are cushioned at foot and heels. They are usually made from cotton material with a blend of spandex and polyester fibers for the right fit, easy ventilation, and durability.

      Apart from lengths, socks also come in different materials and patterns. The most common materials that are used for manufacturing socks are cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, and synthetic. They come in an array of vibrant shades, prints, and patterns which make them styling fun and easy.