Best promo ever! My team was looking for something different than the same old same old trade show giveaways and when I suggested this idea in our brainstorm meeting they thought I was CRAZY but it turned out to be the most effective promo we have ever done.

The designers incorporated our colors and branding with a hilarious graphic and we now have customers calling in asking where we got them because they want them for their businesses as well. This company ROCKS.

- Oliver Grosh, USA, Manager

We were looking for a fun idea for our office to get them motivated about an upcoming project we had to do and Michelle At Crazy Custom Socks Company suggested creating a pair with the new product on for staff to wear in our office on days we knew we'd have to work late getting this monster new project launched.


It alleviated some of the stress of the long hours and created a fun work environment. Ended up killing the time deadline with weeks to spare.

- Grace Allen, USA, COO

I was in charge of planning the gift for our associations yearly luncheon and was referred by a friend to check out this site. Was a blessing- Turned out to be the most Creative, Memorable thank you gift we had ever given our sponsors in the history of its inception.

I don't have many art skills so I was concerned that I couldn't come up with something cool but the people at this company asked the right questions and took over and soon I had a fabulous proof that I signed right off on. The finished product came a few weeks later and I couldn't wait to give them out. Thanks, Crazy Custom Docks Company for making me look good!!

Jennifer Clark, New York New York, Director